Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ZenTiger Abortion - Like it's a good thing

The abortion statistics are out today, and the total number of abortions is down (Just dropping under 16,000). Other interesting statistics, like 38% of abortions are by women who have already had a previous abortion.

The Hand Mirror are poised to discuss the latest Abortion stats, but warn commenters not to bring morality into the discussion. Thus Julie's comment below her post is printed here, and I invite readers to discuss the moral aspect should they be so inclined.
To be honest when it comes to these stats I don't know if it would be good or bad for them to be going up or down, because we don't know WHY.
I'm kinda inclined to say the figures going down are going to be a good thing, if only because so many human beings weren't terminated as compared to the last few years. The WHY is an important question, which could provide some interesting insight, but with the numbers down, I'll pop the champagne anyway.

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Lucia Maria said...


15,863 abortions were performed in New Zealand, the lowest number since 1999 (15,501).

So, these statistics are for abortion in NZ, therefore they probably don't include the women that are sent to Australia for late-term abortions.

I wonder if they still do that?

JJ said...

Interesting they say don't bring morality into the argument. Because they know thats a battle they can't win, seeing as there is no moral justification for the violation of human rights that is abortion.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Abortions down. Births down. Less sex? I doubt it. Better contraception? Probably. So I was going to conclude that more prevention is good (though if more females are using effective long term contraception they might not be protecting themselves from STDs.)

Ms Jones said...

They haven't been sending women to Australia for late term abortions for decades, this medical procedure commonly takes place in your local hospital.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ms Jones,

Sorry, you are wrong. It's been in the news here (within the last decade) about DHBs sending women to Australia for late-term abortions.

I wrote a post about one of those instances: Late Second Trimester Abortion Seekers Sent to Australia .

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