Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ZenTiger Greenies kill key figure in Oil Exploration

Pip - 14 year old murdered.  Suspects: Greenies.
Grud on a Greenie!

Greenies are thought to be behind the death of a prominent figure involved in oil exploration, and have slit the throat of their victim, as a sign to others that any form of oil and mineral activity in NZ will be met with extreme violence.

The owners of a dog found with its throat slit believe it is linked to opposition to a proposed oil drilling venture on their land.

Mark and Annabel Franklin found the body of their 14-year-old jack russell, Pip, on the deck of their farmhouse about 20 kilometres southeast of Dannevirke on June 9.

Dannevirke police have been informed and are investigating.
We can only theorize the Greenies deliberately targetted "Pip" due to Pips connections with the oil industry. Admittedly, Pip was a dog, and the connection was her owner, but perhaps this is the outcome when Greenies treat animals as humans? They are now equally responsible for their actions, and not biting the hand that feeds was a transgression that required a cold and heartless murder.


Greenies kill the underdog

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