Friday, June 1, 2012

Lucia Statutory rape not a big deal in NZ

The Consumer's Voice NZ Blog has a post up naming a number of people involved in the under-age sex scandal aired on Close Up the other night, where a 14 year old girl was enabled in having sexual relationships with multiple older men. Statutory rape? Not in New Zealand it seems.

Thanks, Chuck, for the link.

Related link: CYF, Rosa Trust Counselling, an Albany Church, Youthlaw, two Schools, & Family Court endorse under-age sex with a minor (Close Up, 30/5/12) ~ Consumer's Voice NZ

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MathewK said...

It's a similar thing out here, the people by and large are harsh on pedophiles, but not the judiciary. They seem far too forgiving.

Mataio Viliamu said...

where is the link to the story?

Lucia Maria said...

Right next to the text "Related link:"

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