Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lucia Vatican is buying .catholic top-level domain

Matthew Warner writes about how the Vatican buying dot-catholic top-level domain will change the Church, while as the deceased Archbishop Cranmer is not happy:

Insofar as the Holy Roman Empire of medieval Western Catholicism is past, and the only resonance of the vision of the Emperor Charlemagne subsists in Europe’s latest falling empire, should not the centralising impulse of the See of Rome be challenged once again, and the symbolic bestowal of ‘.catholic’ be subject to a little more scrutiny than “We decided we were best suited to apply for (it)”?

The sooner all Anglicans who consider themselves catholic, become Catholic, the less of these sorts of arguments will come about!

See these latest stories for conversions of Anglican parishes to Catholic:
Pope establishes Australian ordinariate for former Anglicans ~ Catholic News Agency
Towson service will bring Christ the King Anglican parishioners into Catholic Church ~ Baltimore Sun

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