Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucia Sexual violator of young girls made iconic landmarks in Kapiti

4.5m tall metal tui built by sex criminal Brendan Nolan for the Kapiti Coast District Council.

The Kapiti Coast District Council originally wanted whales on poles, but that ended up being far too expensive, so they settled for a metal tui. Now the artist who made the tui has been found guilty of sexually abusing two young girls.

An artist who sexually abused two girls - one while she was shackled and the other while she slept - has been sent to prison for more than five years.

Brendan Nolan, 55, of Paekakariki, admitted sexually violating the young girls in 1999 and 2001 before his metal artworks became landmarks on the Kapiti Coast.

While he continued living his life, his victims struggled to cope with theirs.

"I can't sleep and barely eat," his second victim said in Wellington District Court yesterday.

"I don't trust anyone, I jump when people come too close and I hate it when they touch me. This man stole something from me, something I can't put into words, but I know I'll never get it back."

She had been subjected to degrading acts at Nolan's workshop while her hands were suspended from shackles and from a metal chandelier.

The first victim's mother said in a letter that having to relive the abuse for the courts had a devastating effect on her daughter.

Her daughter would stay at Nolan's house overnight and he would wait for her to fall asleep before carrying her to his bed. The abuse occurred over a two-month period.

I'll never look at that metal tui in the same way again. It should probably be taken down.

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ZenTiger said...

I wonder why they avoided calling him a pedophile? They certainly like to stress that word if a Christian is involved. (eg. Pedophile Capill

I also wonder why the mother let her daughter stay at Nolan's house? Presumably a good reason, but it must be hard on her given the massive betrayal of trust.

Kapiti Council need to rethink their committment to using pedophiles to supply their local art.

JG said...

Maybe we start looking for someone sinless to take it down Lucia. It's the mystery not that bad things happen to good people but that bad people also do good things. Seriously there might not be much art left if this was the criteria for its survival. Remember the Westminster Cathedral stations.

Lucia Maria said...


For me it comes down to should those young girls he raped have to look at that tui still standing in a public place? Leaving it there would represent an acceptance of what that man did to them. And in the minds of all those who know about the crime, it would be abhorrent to leave it there.

There's no need for sinlessness in order to deal with something like this. We easily judge and jail people and sinlessness is not a requirement. Just a recognition that there are many levels of evil, and the rape of children is pretty much up there beyond what most people would ever do.

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