Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lucia Slavery in New Zealand

So many glowing stories of the wonders of legalising prostitution in New Zealand have graced the pages of our newspapers, and pretty much nothing on the problem of under-age sex workers, who in times gone past would have been arrested and thus rescued from their traffickers. But because prostitution is legal, it's much easier for sex-traffickers to prostitute the young and evade police attention.

New Zealand has now been slammed for not doing enough to combat slavery in this country by the US State Department. Slavery includes sex trafficking and the conditions that foreign workers were under recently on boats fishing in New Zealand waters.

Pretty damning.

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JJ said...

Somewhere in the future, when morality and justice returns to NZ politics, a government will have to redress this disgrace. When this happens I would suggest that in addition to prostitution been illegal that it also be made illegal to acquire the services of prostitute, and the punishment for that should be just as bad, if not worse.

Marian said...

Even people I know from the Netherlands are rather amazed at how bad our very liberal sex industry/prostitution is compared to theirs.

As for sex slaves. Well that's been going on for sometime here.

The Authorities have been fairly well informed about it. And have chosen to do nothing or very little about.

Now with the US State Dept on the case. Maybe the slackers who call themselves our upholders of the Law might just get off their useless Bsides.

Lucia Maria said...


Absolutely, the men who use prostitutes should be dealt to far more harshly. Most prostitutes are most likely those who were already sexually abused as children, so selling themselves will just be an extension of that. They need help. The men, however ...


I hope you are right that they will get off their useless behinds. I do remember the odd story over the years of 12 year olds prostituting and the wringing of hands over it and how there is nothing to be done now that it's legal. Well, just make it illegal again, for starters!

Ms Jones said...

I'm with Marian. It's been going on for ages, the legalisation of prostitution does not affect the slave trade market. I am a prostitute and I certainly wasnt abused as a child and neither were any of the other sex workers I know, and there are many.

Lucia Maria said...

Ms Jones,

I don't think Marian is saying that the legalisation of prostitution does not affect the slave trade market. She can correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not the impression I get from what you said.

I'm very glad for you that you weren't sexually abused as a child. Can I ask if getting into prostitution was a choice for you? And a personal question (don't answer if you prefer not to), at what age were you first sexually active?

Ms Jones said...

Yes it was absolutely a choice for me. I was first sexually active at 14 - not that I see the relevance, care to enlighten me?

Lucia Maria said...

Ms Jones,

Whoops, I made a mistake in my first paragraph of my last comment. I meant:

"She can correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not the impression I get from what she said."

As for the relevance of early sexual activity with prostitution, there is a story online that shows it quite graphically. I'll have to see if I can find it.

Lucia Maria said...

In the meantime, reading this article would be worth your while: Girls be wary: Why the teenage girl is more spiritually scarred by pre-marital sex than is the teenage boy.

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