Monday, June 11, 2012

Fletch Gay Marriage - A Push From The Top Down

Brendan O'Neill from spiked magazine has written a wonderful column explaining the big push for gay marriage right now. He writes that the push isn't coming from the public (be they straight or gay), as was the case in black civil rights and women's suffrage; no, it's a 'top down' push by the cultural and social elites.

I will just post a couple of quotes here, but go and read the whole thing.

The reason the gay-marriage issue can feel like it came from nowhere, and is now everywhere, is because it is an entirely top-down, elite-driven thing. The true driving force behind it is not any real or publicly manifested hunger amongst homosexual couples to get wed, far less a broader public appetite for the reform of the institution of marriage; rather it is the need of the political and media class for an issue through which to signify its values and advertise its superiority. Gay marriage is not a real issue – it is a cultural signifier, like wearing a pink ribbon to show you care about breast cancer.

But no one benefits from the charade of gay marriage. The fact is that marriage is not simply about co-habitation or partnership; it is not even simply about having an intense relationship. It has historically been about much more – about creating a unit, with its own rules, that is recognised by the state and society as a distinctive union often entered into for the purpose of raising a new generation. Yes, some couples enter into it for other reasons – for companionship, larks, a party or whatever – but we are not talking about individuals’ motives here; we are talking about the meaning of an institution. Collapsing together every human relationship, so that everything from gay love to a Christian couple who want to have five kids is homogenised under the term ‘marriage’, benefits no one. It doesn’t benefit gay couples, whose ‘marriage’ will have little historic depth or meaning, and it doesn’t benefit currently married couples, some of whom may feel a corrosion of their identity.

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LiberalLeftie said...

Too bad it has near-overwhelming support from the public. Must be killing you to know that your so-called Christian union will soon be rightfully open to those who are gay or lesbian

Andrei said...

Too bad it has near-overwhelming support from the public.

So they keep telling us but if put too the test in a ballot box the results might well be different - even in California when put to the ballot the "overwhelming" support was not there.

The elites are determined to force this perversion upon society, the last gasp of a decayed and decadent ruling class who have squandered the treasures laid up by their more illustrious forebears.

And it is my kids that will pay the price -

I.M Fletcher said...

LL, and yet, gay marriage has been rejected and banned by constitutional amendments in 31 States in the U.S where it has been put to the public vote.

I think that if gays were to be allowed marriage then it would be somewhat of a booby prize. The very act of giving it to them takes away the value it had, because it doesn't mean the same thing any more.

It not only will mean nothnig to gays, it will also devalue those already married. So the whole institution then becomes worthless. It's like giving away something made of gold which becomes tin because of the giving.

You're changing away the very thing that makes it precious or valuable.

KG said...

And this is interesting:
‘Study suggests risks from same-sex parenting’

Robert Hagedorn said...

Google First Scandal.

JJ said...

The deviants will get their way because the government is demented and corrupt and has no morals. Then the deviants will have to find another cause because they will still feel guilty because of their sinful lives.

Schteve said...

Why will your kids pay the price Andrei? What poppycock.

The only deviants in our society are those who force themselves onto unwilling partners or victims. Rapists, paedos, catholic priests etc.

KG said...

"Rapists, paedos, catholic priests etc."
You left out schoolteachers. A mere oversight, I guess.....

Schteve said...

Not an obvious oversight. Plenty of people rape others. Not so sure how these rapists are being considered as better people than law abiding, thorougly decent gay folk.

scrubone said...

Schteve: KG was making the point that teachers are statistically more dangerous than catholic priests. The difference is of course hysteria - there is much dredged up over the catholic church, and very little over schools.

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