Friday, June 1, 2012

Lucia Some people really, really hate NZ Conservative

There is yet another same-sex marriage debate on Kiwiblog today that just regurgitates the same old same old.

Even attacks on bloggers from NZ Conservative who have commented there, attacks on this blog, and attacks on me. I just put that down to the extreme discomfort people have with their own lives when having to interact with those who hold to a higher moral standard on sexual matters, and who have the temerity to argue them! I kind of wonder if they want us all rounded up and shot.

Anyway, rather than participate, I'll just link to a number of the posts I've already made on this subject that bear repeating for the few that might venture over to have a look-see.

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Jeremy Harris said...

This is the first debate I've engaged in on there.

The red herrings thrown up are predictable, yet still staggerringly obtuse.

Lucia Maria said...

I ended up leaving a comment once I figured out that it was Clint Heine was one of the commenters that attacked me (posting as Liberal Minded Kiwi). I guessed it was him because the link to NZ Conservative was from the UK, but the clincher was when he called me "Lucia Marie". Only he does that.

So, I left a comment and linked to an old post of mine when I deleted his blog from my sidebar: Tidy Time.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The pro gay crowd are quite militant and most unwilling to budge from their demands.

Just my opinion said...

Lucia Maria, I use no other moniker other than my full real name on Kiwiblog and have not changed since KB started. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

Just my opinion said...

And as you can see, this is the one I use for Blogger. Cheers.

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