Saturday, June 23, 2012

ZenTiger Cereal Killers

An interesting story of how Christian Fundamentalism sets out to save people from the bowels of evil, and the moment money becomes the by-product, suddenly every-one gets in on some cereal and serious profiteering. There's a lesson there somewhere, but the story is interesting on many levels
More than a century ago, Christian fundamentalists invented cereal to promote a healthy lifestyle free of sin. Little did they know, their creation would eventually be used to promote everything from radio and cartoons to Mr. T and tooth decay.

Story at Mentalfloss

Note, this cereal killer video is violent. Definitely only for 14 to 18 year olds*

*So why am I not surprised my younger son has already seen it?

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kowtow said...

A short while ago this topic was featured in a doco on tvnz7. I'm pretty sure it was from the BBC money programme. Sorry tried to find a link. Anyway it was something like The food that transformed the world.
It was the second Kellog brother who for profit alone,decided to add sugar to the disgusting breakfast cereal his older brother had invented, to make it palatable and as history has shown, massively marketable . They fell out over that as the older brother didn't believe in additives like sugar.' Great show. Everyone used to eat a cooked breakfast prior to cereals.

ZenTiger said...

We seem to be heading back from the sugar train to tasteless museli - the dry brick can't be far off.

Although I like porridge just for the opportunity to combine salt, brwon sugar and cream.

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