Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lucia Same-sex marriage failed to be drawn from the ballot today

David Farrar blogged that:
Today is a sort of Super Thursday at Parliament. A massive four new members’ bills will be drawn out of the ballot.

There are around 59 bills in the ballot, and two of them are on same sex marriage so the chances of one of them being drawn is around one in eight.
Somehow, I get the impression that he was hoping that a same-sex marriage bill would come up. Sadly, he would have been disappointed. In the comments the results were revealed:
Pete George (13,608) Says:
June 28th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Russel Norman’s Overseas Investment (Restriction on Foreign Ownership of Land) Amendment Bill has been pulled from ballot.

That will be interesting. Rusty and Winnie united?

The others are:
24 Habeas Corpus Amendment Bill Chris Auchinvole
35 Local Government (Salary Moderation) Amendment Bill Hon Annette King
52 Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Bill Todd McClay

Maybe stacking the private members bills with more same-sex marriage bills will be the way to go in the future! I certainly expect the proponents of same-sex marriage to feel no qualms about doing so. They'll get this change through fair means or foul, just wait.

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