Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lucia Cat fight between disabled woman and the woman whose seat she wanted

Does an eight minute delay in a plane flight justify trying to totally humiliate a person who wouldn't give up their seat next to their family? It seems so, when the person who wanted the seat is disabled.

If it weren't for the massive deal being made of this story in the media, I might have felt sorry for the disabled woman who had to wait for the airline to bring a special seat onto the plane so that she could be seated. But seriously, using her position in the media to try and humiliate the woman who wouldn't give up her seat for her has destroyed any sympathy I might have had for her.

This story is even on the news on TV, which I normally don't watch, but since my kitchen is in the lounge, well, one thing lead to another. I should be cooking.

UPDATE: Sorry, not the news. They advertised is as being on the news, but I suppose Seven Sharp just flows on from the news, so they consider it almost the same thing.

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scrubone said...

I actually had a lot of sympathy for the disabled woman until I saw she was claiming discrimination.

Incredibly rude, yes. But it wasn't discrimination. In fact quite the opposite - the entire problem was that the woman demanding she move didn't care whether she had a disability or not.

Lucia Maria said...


I think it was rude of the airline to put both of them in that position as well.

And, it wasn't like they couldn't deal with the disabled woman, they just weren't up to speed with doing so quickly.

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