Friday, May 3, 2013

ZenTiger Roache infestation [updated]

I'm listening on the radio to people phoning up, largely in support for William Roache, aka Ken Barlow (RIP, 2013) of Coronation Street. This is in reaction to being arrested on two counts of rape of a child (I use the common terminology here) 40 years ago. From what I gather, being arrested in the UK can just mean "we want to talk about a credible accusation", but the media certainly makes it sound more serious than that.

It may have been recent comments in defense of Jimmy Savile and colleagues on Coronation street that also have been recently accused of sex abuse: “But things were different in the Seventies. People were more tactile. You did things that today are regarded as wrong."

He's right in that regard, things were very different in the seventies, and we are now judging events by different standards and different attitudes, which is partly why so many people come forward years afterwards. However, even with different standards, such things have always been wrong.

The main themes that came up on the radio show were:

* Name suppression was not granted, and should have been
* Why was this women coming forward now after 46 years?
* Isn't 46 years a bit long - memories change, perceptions change?
* What a travesty of justice - his life is ruined now, especially if he is innocent.
* "I met him recently and 80 year old women were throwing themselves at him"
* It sounds like he might be the victim of some-one who threw himself at him, and later regretted it.
* "I've been falsely accused, and it is devastating and it affects everyone around you"

A very interesting reaction to pedophilia charges (I use the common terminology here), in that it is very gentle, very understanding and very concerned for the rights of the accused. How unlike the usual rabid baying for death of pedophile predators before the trial.  I guess there are two sets of rules.

If he is innocent, I guess it's a cock-up on the roache front.

Ken Barlow, RIP 2013
Coro fans support their high priest of TV

[Revised and republished 9:00am]

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