Thursday, May 16, 2013

ZenTiger Daylight Savings Version II

Shifting the clocks back or forwards by an hour every six months yields very limited benefits.

It's time to move to Daylight Savings Version II.

I propose we move the week forward by two days, for a period of three years. This will have the effect of moving most wet weekends into sunny, fine days and having more rain instead towards the end of the week. After three years, we move the week backwards by four days, thus moving the majority of rainfall to Monday and Tuesdays. This should compensate for any counter-moves by mother nature and pretty much guarantee great weather for most weekends in NZ.

So I guess a better name for it is "Weekend Savings"

Sign off in the comments if you vote for this. If we get more than 3 comments, I can fake the other 330,000 or so by borrowing the list the Green Party uses for referendums and we can push that through to Peter Dunne for a sign-off before the next power company is floated (or sunk) depending upon your point of view.

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