Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ZenTiger John Key unveils bold plan for NZ

Leadership - A street a long way from the PM's office
John Key announced yesterday that Wellington was a "dying city". Initially, he said that he had no idea how to save it, but then he realized he was the Prime Minster, and added "but if we push the euthanasia bill through, I promise it will be painless."

"Consider us bringing back Capital Punishment" John joked to an appreciative audience.

It looked like the entire conversation was going to stop there, but some-one yelled out "Hey Clint, what do you think" and a nameless National official took that as the perfect moment to unveil John Key's bold new plan for New Zealand:

"We'll move everyone under 80 years old to Auckland, declare the South Island a nature reserve and turn Wellington into a retirement village."

The media is abuzz with John Key's visionary leadership.

Wellington A Dying City says Prime Minister

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the conservative said...

Zen, very good, that was almost believable; I could imagine him saying those things.

ZenTiger said...

Well, he said some of those things :)

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