Thursday, May 2, 2013

ZenTiger Maurice for Mayor - Be ye not afraid

Maurice Williamson for Mayor?
Maybe he'll be knighted?
Because some pundits are predicting a Knight Mayor.

I have no opinion on that, but based on prior form, I can predict his his acceptance speech:

"I'm prepared to exercise foononcial risponsabile-tee"

No Maurice, it's pronounced "Financial Responsibility"

"Sorry, I've never tried it."

It remains to be seen if Maurice can gain enough gravitas to obey the laws of physics, although now that he has spoken in favour of redefining marriage and supporting gay adoption he is certainly fancied as a man person of the people.  Ellen Degeneres certainly fancies him, and the more he's fancied by others, the more he might fancy himself as Mayor.  It's called circular logic, which is his strong suit.

Maurice is currently popular with Greens and Labour supporters (aside from his politics) so many are saying the NZ right should be extremely happy because he is in the National party.  Trouble is, National and Socialist go together hand in glove nowadays so being in a National Socialist party is hardly a plus from the point of view of NZ's remaining Conservatives.

Maurice now knows that if you're willing to paint Christians as extremists and fundamentalists, you'll be popular with the left.  If you're willing to sneer at celibacy (a fine message for all our young teenagers) you'll be popular with the liberals (they tolerate all sexuality, providing it is rampant).

Maurice has only said what many liberals have been saying for years: Do what you are inclined to do.  They therefore think that our ability to overcome our base desires and exercise self control is something that separates man from freedom.  It used to be that such things separated us from animals,  but you can't fight Darwin without upsetting liberals. It's only the Conservatives that argue self control is what puts civil into civilization.  Weird ideas like that wont get you mayor.

So elect a man of the people, and be ye not afraid.

His election platform is clear.  With Maurice is as Mayor, your mortgage will not grow, your teenagers will still argue with you, he will not give you rashes and skin diseases, he will rid Auckland of toads and he personally guarantees the sun will still rise.

Those are promises Maurice feels qualified to make.  In a nutshell, a vote for Maurice is a vote for the continuance of the solar system.

There is only one choice to make if you want to be on the right side of history, so make it and be ye not afraid.

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bamac said...

Maurice as mayor =
aurice no longer MP for my electorate = three hearty chears ....

Mrs Mac

bamac said...


Spelling ... Maurice and cheers

( red aced Mrs Mac )

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