Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lucia My Kitchen Renovation

It's a week and a half into my kitchen renovation, and as of yesterday, here is the space where the cabinets and sink and oven and hob will go.  All those walls that you see there and the ceiling were ripped out and insulated and new walls and ceiling put in.  Today the kitchen is being painted. In a week, the cabinets will be installed. At some point the electrician will come back and reconnect our phone. That drawer under the window is to stop our cat from trying to get into the hole into the floor where the sink waste pipe will go.

I'm currently set up in the lounge with a microwave, portable double hob and a snack oven. Washing up happens in a bucket in the bath. We have no power for downstairs as the wiring was so old and horrible, the electrician just disconnected that part of it, so I do the washing by putting an extension cord out the window during the day.

I'd be more stressed out over all of this if my youngest son's illness hadn't distracted me.

Apologies for lack of blogging and responding to comments on my part, it's just been too hard most days.

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bamac said...

What a hassle! We are having our bathroom renovated in a couple of weeks time ... bath out , shower-box inwill be using the kitchen sink and a basin for personal ablutions etc... what fun !!!

Do hope that your son is over his illnessShalom,

Mrs Mac

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Mrs Mac,

Ah, the bathroom renovation! We did that four years ago, and I found it almost unbearable. I think it took nearly three weeks before we could use the bathroom, going out in the night to use the portaloo was not fun. In comparison, I'm finding this kitchen renovation to be not too bad.

The youngest is almost better, just has a sore throat, which he's finding to be worse than any sore throat he's ever had before. I took him to the doctor today, who said he's currently seeing three to four people a day with the same symptoms, that is 24 hour throwing up, intense headache, high fever followed by the sore throat.

Anyway, the painter is gone for the night and he's coming back with two others to do the whirlwind treatment of the room tomorrow morning, starting at 8am. They always say 8am, but one guy has turned up that early on one of the days!

Psycho Milt said...

Went through this expensive nightmare in 2006 - no fun at all, especially opening the eye-watering bills, but have enjoyed having a nice kitchen since then. And the expense prompted me to look after the new one and clean it occasionally, which wasn't a feature of the old one...