Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ZenTiger Helen Keys John

Helen Clark has accused John Key of lying over how many shares he sold off at a loss. John Key agrees he got the total number of shares wrong, but they were sold off at a loss and the shares were listed on the public share register.

Helen will have none of that. As staunchly as she believes Winston, she is dead set cert that Key is lying about this.

I thought Helen was simply attacking him to divert attention from Winston Peters who was found lying over accepting donations, taking money from special interest groups, failing to meet his minimum requirements as a Minister of the Crown with regard to declaring gifts and donations, and working with Labour President Mike Williams to milk the same donors.

But I realise now it wasn't an attack. It was a swoon of admiration. I think she's actually sizing up John for a position in Cabinet. Winston is obviously her rock solid choice for Foreign Affairs. You reckon she wants Key in as treasurer? Cullen better lie, cheat and steal real quick or he could find himself out on the streets if he fails to meet Helen's expectations. Gee, that was fast work.

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Anonymous said...

The nerve of this woman - if Key had stolen 800k of taxpayer money to fund his trades then she would have something to complain about. Or maybe not...

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