Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lucia The Early Christians and Abortion

There's a great article on the early Christians and their attitudes to abortion posted on LifeSiteNews.

As I've said before, one of the things that really distinguished Christians from Pagans in the centuries after Christ was the Christians opposition to contraception, abortion and infanticide. Abortion was considered to be murder and at one time the sanctions against those who had an abortion were as severe as for those who molested children. Let's not even get into what the punishment in Hell was for those women.

Oh, what the heck.
Dating from just before A.D. 150, the Revelation of Peter was still read in church services in fifth-century Palestine. It describes in detail the various punishments in hell according to different types of sin. The punishment for women who induced miscarriage was to sit up to their necks in blood and dirt while the aborted children shot sparks of fire into their eyes (Chapter 25). Clement of Alexandria, the principal of Christendom's foremost Christian educational institution at the end of the second century, accepted these statements as an accurate exposition of the Faith (Extracts from the Prophets 41; 48; 49).

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