Friday, June 19, 2009

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

It's Friday. The end of a busy week. I've caught snippets of the whining outrage over the referendum question. Sue Bradford want's to legislate to ignore it, and John Key says he can ignore it anyway. Some people say it's a silly question, not realizing the collective actions of Bradford, Clark and Key are directly responsible for over 300,000 signatures confirming their inability to listen has led to this.

It's actually not a silly question. It is unfortunately a necessary question to answer because the answer exposes the agenda of the hard left. No discipline by parents whatsoever, and a state willing to back them on a particular viewpoint rather than allowing what I would call a minimal degree of individual liberty.

Bring it on!

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KG said...

Good evening Zen, Lucia. Wasn't it a freezing morning? I'm about to head off to try and catch some zzz's before work tonight. Friday night is sometimes chaotic.
I see they've isolated a mutated strain of piggy sniffles, in Brazil.

ZenTiger said...

Howdy KG. Sounds like a Brazilian people might catch the flu.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi KG,

It was freezing! Our entire garden and many of the neighbour's roofs were covered in frost, and it was 0 degrees in our sunroom.

That zero made a cool addition to my 8 year old's daily temperature graph he does for his maths. It was 4 degrees yesterday.

Our kitten is growing and healing from her operation. She had to go to the emergency vet on Monday night because of an infection (too much stitch licking). Still no remedy for her getting incredibly active at midnight either.

KG said...

It'll be the shortest day soon--and it'll feel like we're on the downhill run to summer after that. :-)

Lucia, our kittens still get the midnight crazies--although at the moment Alfie is sprawled out on the feather duvet with the electric blanket on high...he's full of beef rissoles and pasta.


Good evening everyone!
It is cold up here too.
The fire is on but BB is running around in shorts.
God knows why.
We are babysitting some wild animals from Canada.
I'm going to Gordonistan in a few days to a family wedding.

ZenTiger said...

Wild animals from Canada?

Canadian Geese?
Bob and Doug McKenzie?

ZenTiger said...

Or should I say Bob and Doug McKenzie

dad4justice said...

Good evening all. I hope you enjoyed a stressful week –lol – not this time around on planet earth.Bring back Jesus. I hooked a 9lb Rainbow Trout on the Dart River down south. Fish everywhere and bugger all snow.


If only, we are talking children.
Their parents are probably too liberal.
That sounds like a big trout D$J.
I'm looking forward to tasting trout while I am in the UK.
You can buy it in the supermarkets over there.
Very tasty it is too, even the farmed trout.

I'm just looking at the transport options from Heathrow to Yorkshire.
It seems I cannot fly direct from Heathrow to Leeds-Bradford Airport like I did in February.
But LBA does have direct flights to Islamabad!!!

Oswald Bastable said...

A couple of minutes before the bidding starts on tonights auction.

I'm not having much joy with a new(ish) laptop, but I are finding heaps of cheap books!

Oswald Bastable said...

Looks like I now have a laptop!

scrubone said...

Evening all.

Apparently I can't count, put up several auctions on trademe to end tonight but they end tomorrow.

So I thought I'd pop in before my usual 10:30.

ZenTiger said...

So that comment is your opening bid then scrubone?

I'll see you and raise you a "have a good weekend".

What kind of laptop Oswald? One of those breakfast trays for eating in bed, or something with a processor?

Madeleine said...

Morning everyone. I suppose everyone's gone to bed...

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