Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucia John Key is unbelievable!

I'm just flabbergasted.


John Key is now indicating that the Government may adopt Sue Bradford's proposed bill to prevent "misleading" and/or "ambiguous" questions from making it as referenda. He says not much can be done about the current referendum, but that this sort of bill would prevent this sort of problem from happening again in the future.


The absolute arrogance of the man. Nevermind that more than 300,000 people were quite happy to sign the petition. Nevermind that my 8 year old can understand the question that John Key tells us he finds "confusing". Confusing is just code for politically inconvenient.

Yesterday John Key said on NewsTalkZB that we have a referendum every three years and it's called The Government. Indicating that once we have voted for a government, the populace should just be quiet and allow The Government to do whatever it wants. No matter how stupid. It does not want to hear from us, especially in such an organised way as a referendum.

But this was the clincher. When referring to the problem of overstayers in NZ, John Key said that "we have to have rules" (presumably immigration rules), and that if the rules aren't followed then this "break[s]down the respect for those rules".

Hmmm, maybe my opinion is somehow getting through to him, as I said last week in John Key is really starting to annoy me:
You have no idea that in allowing this law to stand, I have to continue to tell my children that the law is an ass, that the Government expects parents to break this law, because it's purpose is not to ban smacking, it's to reduce violence against children. In other words, not only will the presence of this law continue to reduce everyone's respect for the law, it will also reduce respect for Parliament, who seem to feel that rather than actually dealing with actual problems, it's better to criminalise everyone in all but actuality.
One of our comments took part of that post and sent it off to him. Maybe he read it. So the idea of lack of respect for laws has sunk in on some level.

Well, what needs to sink in now, is that what he does now will determine is New Zealand is going in the direction of a police state, where parents are afraid informants, including their own children, will dob them into the state for disciplining them. And in the meantime our children are realising that their parents are becoming impotent. They can attack parents and teachers with impunity and our political masters are happy for this to be the case because it increases the power of the Government.

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0..0 said...

Looks like John Key will be a one term wonder. That's fine with me. Should a leader with sensible values be elected in his place there may never need to be another CIR.

Didn't he fall apart quickly though?

Redbaiter said...

How about this from the Herald?-

"However, he repeated his criticisms of the question, describing it as "pretty weird" and saying it "could have been written by Dr Seuss - this isn't Green Eggs and Ham, this is yes means no and no means yes, but we're all meant to understand what the referendum means. I think it's ridiculous myself."

Get this treacherous fool out of our lives.

We don't need this weasel who apparently thinks politics is all about currying favour with the left wing and their media and academic acolytes.

Write to your local National Party Office and tell them you want him replaced or you're never going to vote National again.

So utterly useless.

MK said...

Sounds like he is a one-termer, but then what's the alternative like, left of left?

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