Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucia New Zealand (ahem) most peaceful

Apparently, New Zealand is the world's most peaceful country to live in. According to an Australian thinktank.
An Australian thinktank recognised our stable political situation, relatively low rate of violence and decrease in military spending.

Um, the image I have is of a "sitting duck".

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KG said...

Hmm...I just went to their website and to me it looks like a very thinly disguised greenie/pacifist scam.
And no mention of their funding sources.

Shem Banbury said...

Australian thinktank.
Is that an oxymoron??

Lisa said...

I just found your site.....I am a conservative American living in America, married to a Kiwi. We toss around the idea of moving to NZ, but it just seems soooooooo liberal and I didn't think Kiwi values would mesh with those I want for my family. So happy to have found your blog, at least it confirms there are some people in NZ with common sense!! What is it like being conservative in NZ? Are you treated worse than if you had the plague?

Seán said...

Ahhh KG, you just couldn't help yourself ;-)

Overall though, the assessment doesn't seem too far off the mark. Afterall if it was a particularly greenie-tinged organisation, wouldn't they be promoting the peaceful socialist havens of China (in name only), Cuba and Venezuela? Maybe they forgot to survey Keith Locke.

KG said...

Any idea who funds them Sean?

KG said...

And I just couldn't help myself because just about every "peace studies" group around proves to be a communist front. That's not right-wing paranoia, but a provable fact.

MathewK said...

Those fools have obviously never heard of peace-through-superior-firepower.

But if they are right, good on NZ. But from what KG has told me, you guys can keep your cold though.

Lucia Maria said...

Looks like Aussie former technology mogul turned philanthropist, Steve Killelea, funds them.

Australia’s leading philanthropist makes the link between peace and profitability

The link has a number of "peace indicators" down the right hand side. Makes for interesting reading.

Lucia Maria said...


Welcome to the blog!

Hmmm, it's not so much like having the plague, it's more like a complete disconnect with our opinions. My inlaws are a real case in point here. Whenever I express a more conservative opinion, it's like there is a momentary pause of incomprehension, before the subject is changed.

It is normally better to keep quiet about one's views when those views are conservative, but the relief people feel when they come across one of us is immense.

It's a funny old place, really. I always felt it was far easier to speak my mind in Australia than it is in NZ.

It may be worth coming over here just for the experience. But the anti-Americanism you will face is huge. Seriously, it's that bad.

It harks back to the Lange years and the infamous "I can smell the uranium on your breath" quip, that is reinforced with a local beer ad. Or is it beer ... I really dislike the ad and try very hard to ignore it.

KG said...

"The Washington Times reports on the release of data by a group called The Institute for Economics & Peace. Before you look at the list, take a gander at the people behind the curtain:

The index is primarily based on 2008 data from the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the World Bank, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and United Nations sources.

That gives you a good idea where this “data” is coming from and where it’s going to terminate.

There ya go Sean. :-)

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