Monday, November 1, 2010

Lucia Eternal Damnation of Sex Offender

A child sex offender who believes giving a DNA sample would condemn him to eternal damnation wants an exemption from inclusion on a national database.
Chord is a Christian and believed that, if his DNA was taken, he would be given "the mark of the Beast" and damned for eternity ...

This is the problem with individual interpretation of the Bible. How the sex-offender has worked out that the "mark of the Beast" will send him directly to Hell, when his own actions to date will not, I have no idea.

The judge should not fall for this one. He should get an opinion from the largest Christian congregation here (I think it's still the Anglicans at this point, and maybe get a second opinion from us Catholics) as to whether or not this is true, and then tell him, too bad.

Reference: Sex offender invokes 'eternal damnation' fear in DNA fight, Dominion Post, A4, 1 Nov 2010

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ZenTiger said...

when his own actions to date will not, I have no idea.

faith, and works. I suspect he never really put much credence on the latter.

macdoctor01 said...

While the man refuses to repent of his crime, or even acknowledge it as wrong, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that his absurd belief is genuine. Even from a secular, post-modern perspective, that should be more than enough for the judge to reject his application.

Of course, his odd, pseudo-apocalyptic belief has more in common with Tim La Haye's Left Behind science fiction series than the book of Revelation.

ZenTiger said...

I agree. He's not particularly believable.

His theory that whatever the Judge does can send him to Hell for eternity, as opposed to whatever he does having any bearing on the matter is laughable.

Although he could put more time into wondering how it all came to this...

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