Friday, November 26, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

Chat time!

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Good Morning, evryone.
I see NZ has warmed up.
Just a few degrees above freezing here.
But alas no snow.
But 30 miles away is plenty.
Earliest widespread snow in the UK for 13 years.
BBC says the cold spell may last a fortnight.
Dontcha luv global warming!

Lucia Maria said...


Yes, it is warm here. It's 26 degrees in the kids' room. Might be too hot for them to sleep. It was hard enough getting them to go to bed in the first place, tonight!

Hey, at least you don't have mozzies.

ZenTiger said...

Hey guys. I'm back.

FFM - try your blog. Sorry it took me so long to sort through the issues. Once you are in and running, I'll run an upgrade and apply new security, but for now, give it a go!

KG said...

Too late to the party, I see...that's the problem with being three hours behind.
We're sitting out on the deck, watching the lightning along the horizon out to the West towards the Gulf of Carpentaria. Spectacular!
And it's almost 30c and very humid. The fruit bats are going nuts in the mango tree at the bottom of the garden.

KG said...

It's a long, long way from NZ.

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