Friday, November 19, 2010

Andrei We are from the Government and this is for your own good

Who'ld have ever thought that in the land of the free the day would come that in order to travel you would have to have your arse crack examined by a government official before being permitted to proceed.

That is exactly what is happening here.

And you and I know, as does the government lacky doing this that this poor woman has nothing untoward down there. It's a pointless and needless harassment.

It looks like the American people are beginning to rebel against this and so they should - the people behind this travesty can waffle about increasing safety (which this doesn't) but people also need to be kept safe from intrusive government officials.

And it doesn't get more intrusive than having your butt examined and your genitals fondled.

In other circumstances this would be called indecent assault.

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