Saturday, November 6, 2010

ZenTiger Saturday at the Movies

One cow says to another cow: So, do you ever worry about catching Mad Cow's disease?"
And the other cow says "Why should I care, I'm a helicopter?"

Here's a personal favorite of mine:

In the period that Einstein was active as a professor, one of his students came to him and said: "The questions of this year's exam are the same as last years!" "True," Einstein said, "but this year all answers are different."

And in very poor taste:

Did you hear about the terrorists who took control of the American House of Representatives and the Senate? They threatened to release one politician per hour until their demands were met.

And now for the main event. If you never watched Amadeus, then do so. Released in 1984, it doesn't date, because it already had. This scene is classic - raw talent and joy completely oblivious to the undercurrents swirling around him. And yet, his own challenges will be set according to his potential, and that is the way life often comes to us

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