Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fletch Political Correctness Gone Mad

A man was humiliated and had the police called on him for taking two photographs of his nine year old daughter shooting goal during her netball game. He says he was made to feel like a pervert.

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What is the world coming to when a father can't take photographs of his children playing sport without feeling like some kind of pervert? It's political correctness gone mad. Sure I understand that people want to look out for their kids but I sometimes wonder if these people aren't projecting their own perversity onto others.

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Lucia Maria said...

It's a terrible story, Fletch.

There could be a bit of reflected perversity there, but it's more likely that with our more out-there, sexualised culture, that there's very little protection for young children out there in the first place.

I would have thought that once he identified himself as the Dad rather than some random guy who wandered off the street, then that would have been the end of it. But, obviously not.

Oswald Bastable said...

The local swimming pool has just had a new chain-link fence put in to replace the old one- the idea being that the police can see what is going on inside when they patrol (yeah, right- no speeding tickets to issue doing that)

The swimming club is whining that pedos will now be able to watch the kids swimming!


As if they would stand out in the open and do that- where all could see and ID them (its a small town)

Butch said...

I hope this female in question presents herself to the media if requested and explains her vigilante actions. I then hope she is equally grilled and embarrassed as Kendall,.. the proud father in the middle of this circus...

Anonymous said...

Very lazy IMF. Just how is this "political correctness gone mad"? Just what defines an action as being politically correct?

Far better if you had mounted a real case against this particular woman's actions.

It has nothing to do with political beliefs, far more to do with the villification of men as rapists, of the creation of fear in society by "stranger danger" campaigns and the attempt to make a rule that covers every situation.

Rather tha writing this off as plotical correctness gone made, you should ahve taken to task the woman for her irratioanl fears and the man for his inability to articulate a defence.

ZenTiger said...

So LRO, are you mounting a case that PC type thinking has only to do with political beliefs?

far more to do with the vilification of men as rapists

That sounds rather extreme. So is that where you think our society has been brought to?

Are you saying the political agitation over the last few years means that the notion of fatherhood has being eroded, that "all men are rapists" meme is by no means uncommon, and that "stranger danger" campaigns are part of the problem?


Just a few blog posts ago, you opined that if you were in full support of the United Nations mandating explicit sex education campaigns that would include robust "stranger danger" lessons to become aware of the dangers of pedophiles.

Certainly, such programs would have had a session on how pedophiles, in the guise of caring fathers, hang around netball courts snapping photos.

And you seemed also to say in that comment, by implication, your own parents had failed to teach you such dangers, and you were ready to put far more faith in the State teaching you "properly", all of those rules that cover every situation, in a few easy lessons.

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