Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ZenTiger Irony an academic exercise

On Sunday evening (14 November), Professor Jane Kelsey was detained at immigration at Sydney airport for about an hour. She was informed by a senior immigration official that she was not eligible for visa free entry to Australia on the grounds that she was not an ‘appropriate person’ under Australia’s 1994 immigration laws.

Professor Kelsey thinks this may be linked to her efforts in promoting critical debate on the TransPacific Partnership negotiations.

I find it ironic that a professor that is critical of free trade, seems to think unfettered free access to the Australian market by herself a fundamental human right. Not having automatic access is her policy in action.

Better get a visa son, better get a real good one

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KG said...

Perhaps I should send her a postcard from here in sunny Queensland? Just to rub it in?

scrubone said...

Sounds like they flagged her for being associated to Sue Bradford ;)

Seriously thought, it's clearly just another instance of bureaucratic bumbling. I'm sure that Ms Kelsey is a big advocate of smaller government or that would be another ironic angle...

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