Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ZenTiger Jeanette admits she was wrong for the last 35 years

Jeanette Fitzsimons admits she was wrong:

For 35 years I have been wrong about how to prevent climate change.

Indeed, you can’t prevent climate change. Perhaps she actually means AGW? It’s an easy mistake to make, because Climate Change(TM) as a cause, works better than an endless war with Eastasia and Eurasia. That's why imprecise phrases like Climate Change(TM) are preferred to actually saying what you mean.

And I wonder if the carbon trading scam perpetrated on us poor tax payers is doing anything for the planet, even on the Green party's terms, or if it is just proving to be another mechanism for wealth extraction, limiting the amount of investment money for people to direct towards efficiency and sustainability?

Jeannette's new solution is to abandon any quest for energy efficiency (that's where she says she was wrong) and to go for the big banana: Ban the use of coal.

I find coal very handy. Rub coal on your face and get a job in a Dickens play, or sneak at night into a Taleban camp and take out a few suicide bombers before they kill themselves, or attend a Paul Henry protest march. You can clean your teeth with it, turn it into a diamond, or light one on Earth Day because you’ve turned out your wind powered electric lights for an hour. Coal fits almost perfectly into cellars, drives cool looking trains that fill to the brim with tourists, and powers the Chinese economy, which in turn allows richer nations to buy 90% of the world's junk. Where would we be without it?

And even if Jeanette has abandoned her quest for energy efficiency, not to worry, the market comes up with new stuff anyway. I just saw an article the other day on some cool advances in car batteries. Check out this Audi (And hat tips to any blogs who already mentioned this, but I can't remember where and when. Leave a comment if you happen to drop by)

Jeanette says she was wrong

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MathewK said...

Who is this @#$%ing nutjob. Ban coal, jeepers, why doesn't she just ask for the old to be shot and tossed in the sea and the young to be culled.

So tired of these assholes and their constant pining to screw over mankind.

ZenTiger said...

Hi MK, ex NZ Green Party Co-Leader (just in case you didn't realise, commenting from Australia).

(They have co-leaders and one must be male and one must be female, but I don't know if one must be gay and one must be brown, one must be poor and one must be poorer).

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