Friday, November 19, 2010

Andrei Friday night free for all

A mining accident on the West Coast, let's all pray for a favorable outcome

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Lucia Maria said...

Yes, definitely.

Hi All!

dad4justice said...

Hi team.I pray the miners are safe.And I thought the earthquake was bad. Do you think God is trying to tell us something?

Andrei said...

Hi Dad good to see you here, Hi Lucyna.

You know Dad - it seems to me something is up, things seem to be moving to a head, there are definitely some strange goings on in this wicked fallen world of ours right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, god is trying to tell us something. But why doesn't he run a few TV ads, or take a page in the paper?

No, god finds it easier to tell us stuff with earthquakes and mine explosions and tsunamis.

Well, that's whay god botheres like to think, because that klets them pretend to know stuff, while the rest of us just get on with life.

Were I one of those miners I know I'd rather have a bunch of good, stout hearted men trying to rescue me than all the wimpy god botheres in all the world's churches praying for me.

Reminds me of the crap to do with Mary Mac - 10 million prayers, she answers two, so she's a saint. Tough shit about all the other dead whose prayers went unanswered.

Grow up. Fairytales are for children.

Ciaron said...

LRO; why don't you FRO and learn how to type, seeing as you're so enlightened?

dad4justice said...

leftrightout, surely you must have noticed that things are going hay wire around the globe. Or do you wear a satanic eye patch? I don't care, whatever,the evidence is gathering.

Lucia Maria said...


Sloshed tonight, are we?

Andrei said...

I think LRO drinks battery acid, that's why he's so sour

Andrei said...

Here's a good song for tonight

Miner's Prayer

Anonymous said...

Sloshed? No.

I am filled with the spirit of the lord!

KG said...

Good evening, people. I see the odious piece of crap known as LRO has managed to lower the tone and violate the spirit of the Friday night chat.
And been given the attention it craves.
Pity--this used to be a pleasant interlude and a sociable end to the week.


Good afternoon everyone.
Never mind LRO, what about this for offensiveness?
A US couple running an online poll seeking advice whether they should abort their baby.

Seán said...

FFM - what's up with your blog, it's been offline for a week now, no?

I get some WordPress Installation message.


You are right Sean.
It has been offline.
Some security problem, we think.
Zentiger is looking into it for me.

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