Friday, November 19, 2010

Lucia Voting in the Mana by-election

I will be voting in tomorrow's by-election in Mana.

Trying to decide who to vote for has been agony. If National had reversed the terrible piece of social engineering legislation that they apparently tried to soften when they were in opposition, I would have grudgingly voted for them. Whatever else they would have done to that point that I'm not happy with (I'm thinking ETS and the potential repeal of the foreshore and seabed act), they at least would have demonstrated an understanding of the dreadful anti-family forces that have been gaining power over the last several decades, and made a principled stand against those forces.

But no, the anti-smacking law has stayed. National has showed itself to be either ignorant of the true civilisational foundations of the family as the fundamental societal unit, or are themselves one of the anti-family forces that is actively seeking to draw more and more power to the state by destroying the family.

Where ever they stand, I cannot vote for them at this point. Unless one of the other parties shows itself to be worse.

So far Labour is worse, so they are out of the equation. A while back I was thinking I could vote Labour as a sort of a protest, knowing that it wouldn't make much of a difference in real terms. But I can't bring myself to do that.

Therefore, I'll be voting ACT, hoping in some way to show support for the small amount of keeping National to account that they have attempted thus far.

However, if ACT ever vote for any sort of legislation that makes it easier for the state to kill people, such as a euthanasia bill, then I will never vote for them again, and will be forced to vote National again as they will again be the lesser of all the evils.

Oh, for a true conservative in the political arena!

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Swimming said...

Why did you base your vote on the party that person stood for when you are voting in a by-election for a candidate to represent you as a constituent MP?

Lucia Maria said...

None of the candidates would represent me. Party politics would take precedence. Therefore, I used my vote like a chess piece. I only get one move, and my move determines where a pawn will go, and even though it's pointless, I'm still going to make the move!

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