Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ZenTiger Faith pays dividends

Sometimes, what you say reveals more about yourself than your subject:

The Catholic Church, the world’s first highly structured global corporation, specialises in providing dividends to its stock holders in the form of saints. Saints are like shares, and duly rise or fall in popularity depending on the fancy of the spiritual flock at any given moment.

The entire article was penned by Dr. Binoy Kampmark. For a scholar, this populist drivel should be beneath him. But opinion writers are all too aware that they duly rise or fall in popularity depending upon the fancy of the mass market at any given moment.

Where Catholics see prophets, he sees profit. Dr Kampmark has mistaken Saints as the dividend, when it's virtue that we value.

He believes there is no such thing as a miracle, which is a debate in itself, but that too is a little beside the point of sainthood. Even in secular terms, one could consider the value of role models (Mary MacKillop in this case), and role models that strive for virtue are surely worthy of admiration far more than a football hero or an actor? Instead, he takes the more cynical view of it simply being about money. Given he penned the article treating Saints like dividends, I'm wondering if his stock portfolio was down 10 points that week?

Dr Kampmark off the mark

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