Friday, December 3, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

Last night I went to Confession (that's where you confess your sins to a priest), and I confessed to getting annoyed with drivers that slow me down. I was advised to offer the circumstance as a sacrifice, and that way each situation could therefore be beneficial to me rather than a source of annoyance. Well, I've certainly had to practise that today - so many slow and annoying drivers. Amazingly enough it worked, it kept me calmer than normal.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was driving to Christchurch while listening to a discussion on RadioNZ National about raod rage.

There were four vehicles ahead of me travelling 80- 90 kph. We got to a passing lane and they all sped up.

I didn't do anything stupid but I did have some dark thoughts about the drivers.

Anonymous said...

Raod? No, road.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi HP,

Yeah, I can understand that.

Shem Banbury said...

Evening all. Been off the blogging radar for a while. But reports are finished and I have finished the school magazine. about 7 days of school until the holidays. Cant wait. How is everyone?

Shem Banbury said...

How is everyone coping with the new words at Mass? I have just learned the words and now you Catholics go and change them!!!!!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ozy!

I'm looking forward to the holidays as well. Though, we will be doing some work in January to help my 13yo improve his writing before he goes to college. At least, that's the idea.

As for the Mass, it's hard work with the changes. And with your spirit we are finding the most problematic. Though alot isn't too bad because it's in Latin anyway, so we get to sing the original.

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