Thursday, January 12, 2012

Andrei 21st Century relationships in the wasteland

This is just so confusing - well not confusing, it's wrong!
Multiple trips to fertility doctors, three miscarriages and $60-$70,000 out of pocket, Tanya was left with little choice: if she was going to become a mother, she would need a free sperm donor.
But for the 39-year-old, the formal process of searching for a suitable candidate on the Free Sperm Donor Register turned into something far from expected - a blossoming new romance.
And, despite the relationship, Tanya is determined to be the only legal parent if she does eventually have a baby.
There was one important 21st century ritual to be undergone before they could proceed though.
They exchanged STD results before consummating the relationship.
Sounds so romantic.

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Reggie said...

21st century breakdown.

It's here.

macdoctor said...

"Self-obsessed woman meets sperm donor".

Sounds familiar.

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