Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ZenTiger Marriage Rates falling in the USA

I've said before that marriage is something only Christians and Gays are interested in, and the latest statistics seem to prove it. Marriage protects families, but the notion of even the nuclear family is suffering a meltdown. One comment on marriage from a woman, who I'm guessing doesn't yet have children:

"Women don't necessarily need a husband to make ends meet or to raise children. They can do a lot of these things on their own.

And apparently if you commit your time to someone, and start a family, you can walk out without any downsides as compared to the pain of divorce on the lives of the children:

"Seth comes from a family of divorce and has seen how it's affected his life and his family.

"He says he couldn't imagine even thinking about marriage until we had been together for 10 years and I said as long as we are happy together we will stay together," says Miss Romaine.

Yes Seth, you've been the child in a family of a divorce and you think breaking the marriage committment by getting a divorce is the thing that caused the pain, as opposed to, what, having some weird kind of expectation you can walk out on your family if you don't happen to feel happy?


Link: Marriage Rates falling in the USA

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ZenTiger said...

To be fair, I don't know if Seth includes delaying children by 10 years to see if his trial run on the "living together" thing works out to his satisfaction.

macdoctor said...

Should Seth have any children during this "arrangement", he is three times more likely to walk out on them than if he had taken marriage vows.

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