Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ZenTiger Never too young

I was reading an article about how on the program "Dexter" about a serial killer who kills the bad guys. The article discussed bringing kids into the storyline, and Dexter is morphing from a cold, hard killer to a person that can alternate between being a loving Dad and then a cold hard killer. "Dark in a new way" boasts the article.

With kids on the set, some observations are made:
It's a strange thing for any child in their development years to spend time on a film set, says Dexter's altar-ego, actor Michael C Hall of his young co-stars.

"They are not really privy to the darker elements - they're kept from that. But they are also little sponges and they absorb energy. There could be a scene where nothing explicitly is being said, but there's a great deal of violent thoughts or tension between the characters and we'll start the scene and the actors will give over to whatever that pretending is and [Luke or Evan] will totally burst into tears."
So not really privy to the darker elements then? It just goes to show that what you put into your head leaks out, and it is so important for parents to feed both ones children and ourselves good quality mental diets. Dump programs like this and feed yourself soul food.

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