Friday, January 13, 2012

ZenTiger Rotorua leaves a bad smell in the air

Vicious attack on pregnant women with "crowd of bystanders" able to take photos.

And a couple of people caught shoplifting, and they try to explain that there has been a misunderstanding, and are actually entitled to take the goods. The video goes viral.

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PM of NZ said...

Was that a less than fluid or a vicious attack?

ZenTiger said...

Yeah, she poured oily gloopy stuff all over the poor lady :)

(post updated, thanks)

/bad spelling excuse #2

ZenTiger said...

An 18 year old women appeared in court over the first charge today. That was quick work by the Police.

Also, the police have confirmed they are charging the second lot with theft, so it wasn't a case of being upset over being falsely accused (surprise). I dare say their aggressive behaviour has probably allowed them to rip off a few places over time by sheer intimidation. The security guards are to be congratulated.

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