Friday, January 20, 2012

Andrei A perfect illustration of the decline of a once great nation

An address at Disney world, Florida in which Tourism is touted as a great hope for the future. Well the USA is a great place to visit - I have been there several times - even been to Disney World, Fla.

It's not so pleasant these days I'm told - heaven help you if you have the misfortune to wear a colostomy bag and seek to travel within the borders of the "Land of the free" in these uncertain times.

Of course in a time of large scale unemployment and uncertainty over energy supplies, along with the reliance upon sourcing oil from places in unfriendly hands you might think that an administration with its hands on the tiller would welcome the construction of a pipeline from its nearest neighbour. A secure and reliable source of the fuel that powers our civilization.

And from a regime that is friendly to the United States.

But in Fantasy Land the provision of jobs and securing energy supplies presumably remains a task for Tinkerbell.

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The Skyman said...

Not sure where you're getting the "not so pleasant" info from but I travel regularly and never have a problem. Sure there is an occasional mix up but they really are rare and shouldn't be thought to be the norm.

We're still the "Land of the free". Not perfect but not nearly as bad as some make things out to be.

As for the pipeline - it should be built and it needs to be approved soon. But some of the safeguard concerns still need to be addressed.

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