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Non-Catholics on Catholics

An ancient blog post talked about protesters who planned to disrupt the Catholic World Youth Event in Sydney in 2008. They want to hand out condoms to Catholic youth and children to promote their own personal unholy trinity: condoms, promiscuity and abortion.

This stems from many non-Catholics taking offense over the Catholic Church's stance on contraception, and the use of condoms. In some ways, it's a strange attitude.

I say this because when people protest against the Church's stance on contraception they conveniently ignore that this is part of a bigger message. At the very least, we could mention four things, not one:

1. Contraception is bad 

2. Sex outside (before) marriage is bad.
3. Adultery is bad.
4. Divorce is bad.

In reality non-Catholic people don't give a toss what the Catholic Church's position is on these points, and they generally don't know or care to know the reasoning behind these points. 

Sure, they get offended at the Pope expressing an opinion, but they wouldn't stop for a second and think "what would the Pope say about my behaviour?"

These messages ultimately only apply to Catholics. No-one else listens, except to scoff, protest or act offended.

And for Catholics, the contraception message is not meant to be taken in isolation; the kinds of Catholics that reject the first message are just as likely to reject reject the second, and are just as prone to failing on the third and fourth items as non-Catholics.

Why would a Catholic think "The Church is against sex before marriage, but I'm doing it anyway" and then in the same thought say: "Gee, I wish I could use a condom, but the Pope said no." ?

For married Catholic couples, in a committed and loving relationship with no thoughts of infidelity, the only issue for them is the one of contraception - and I urge them to read up on Pope JPII's "Theology of the Body".

There seems to be a fear factor (or hate factor) in play by liberals (and some other groups) on all matters to do with the Catholic Church.

The Pope may be able to change the hearts and minds of Catholics, who in turn have some small influence in our democracy and in representing Catholic values. In a democracy, you convince enough people of an idea, and they can change the rules. We see it all the time with various interest groups tugging society in different directions.  Scary!

Non-Catholics don't listen to the Pope, but they fight every word. 

What is their greatest fear?  That Catholics will listen to the Pope? Unfortunately, not that  many do.  

And does the world see any signs of liberal policies becoming less liberal?

I suspect we'd see laws imprisoning Catholics for their "outdated" beliefs before we'd see a law banning sex before marriage, the use of contraceptives, and even adultery is no longer a big deal.  

(A rehash of a previous post in 2008)

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  1. Hi, I think some legitimate concern arises from the fact that there are Catholic followers in Africa, and while the Pope is saying "no condom", and there are missions there to spread the bible and the gospel, it is, to a certain (and limited) extent, hindering the pro-condom message that is being put out to try and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. I'm just saying that there is at least a little legitimate concern.

    But I concur with your message here, I get annoyed at these types that are constantly in search of something to be offended by.

  2. Hi Joel. I think that problem is directly generated by the media. If the Catholic message was getting out to Catholics, then they would hear the whole message - no contraception, no sex outside of marriage, no anal sex. In fact, for many people in the high risk category - abstinance.

    Instead the media pick up ONE element of it, and sensationalise it as an attack against the Church. Many repeat it, keen to attack the Church more than deal with the actual issue.

    Read this article on condom use in Africa. How much are condoms really helping?

    You'll see references to a study where the results indicate condom use is making things worse (I suppose people think they are protected 100% of the time, when it's only 90%. That means eventually, it's not going to work)

    You'll also see where the Catholic message of abstinance is getting out that the results are much better.

    Afria has over a billion people. About 160 million are self-identifying as Catholic. The Catholic message is really only listened to by a smaller percentage of those, and non-catholics ignore the message or use it as an excuse for explaining the failure of ewveryone else.

    The AIDS epidemic in Africa is a complex issue, and requires a lot more education and coordination with different services. The Catholic Church has played a positive contribution to helping in the areas of prevention, medical care, helping with orphanages and trying to change the perceptions of AIDS (many Africans thought anyone with AIDS must be a prostitute, but now are beggining to understand how quickly it spreads).

    Here's an article on how the Catholic message worked in Uganda, and then how it got undone promoting "Western Values" which suggest promiscuity is fine as long as you use a condom.

    Yeah, right


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