Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lucia Danny Watson on getting priests to reveal Confessions

As promised from last week, I've put the first part of a talk back show on NewsTalkZB about forcing priests to reveal the contents of a Confession together into a You-Tube video. It's got Danny Watson's introduction and the first caller. I've added my responses to a few things in as text.

Here's the link to story of the martyrdom of Father Francis Douglas in WWII for refusing to reveal Confessions to the Japanese: Martyr for the Seal of Confession

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ZenTiger said...

The Priest has the power to forgive sins OR NOT.

The penance required can be to turn themselves in, in order to have forgiveness granted. I think this is a good thing for Priests to take into confession.

Next time I talk to one I'll discuss this idea and see where it leads.

As for breaking the seal of confession, a little like lawyers and journalists - it is something they cannot do or it will destroy confession.

Getting the sinner to actually acknowledge their crimes is the first step to getting them to the next step.

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