Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucia Whale Oil's marriage convulsions [UPDATE]

Family First have set up a website that supports the reality of marriage : The National Marriage Coalition. (UPDATE 31/07/12 5:45pm: Marriage website shut down by web host)

The new website has lead Whale Oil tp mischievously suggest that Family First should support the redefinition of marriage, because they have on their website twenty-one reasons why marriage matters.

... 21 reasons why marriage matters and all of those can easily be appleied to same-sex marraige…making me wonder why Family Fist is opposed to marriage equality in the first place.

If marriage matters so much shouldn’t they be wanting as many people as possible to enjoy their 21 benefits of marriage…including gay people?
The problem with Cameron Slater's reasoning is that applying a label to a relationship does not make that relationship a marriage. Given the high number of divorces in the West today, there are many men and women who might have the label, but are also not really married in actuality. Since we have allowed no fault divorce, the understanding of marriage has eroded, and it's time that people remember marriage is more than just a piece of paper from the State.

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