Saturday, July 7, 2012

ZenTiger Secular Immorality

The Hand Mirror are railing against Family First and their stance on sex education. Apparently, consent and pleasure is the main criteria for teaching children about sex.

I suggested Consent isn't everything

Their argument stems from these opening thoughts, and thus becomes somewhat irrelvant to me, as I got stuck on the idea that consent and pleasure are the defining criteria.

You can see this flawed logic in action, with CYF condoning illegal behaviour, because it doesn't fit with their ideology.

I think it shocking that criminal activity is endorsed by school councillors and CYF workers (who can then arrange an abortion without parental knoweldge and cover up their little "mistake").

Technically, 14 year olds cannot consent, so the 20 year old is guilty of statutory rape, or whatever new terminology for this has become. Either way, it was still illegal, and yet not just ignored by secular authorities, but condoned!


The parents of an underage girl who was having sex with an older man were shocked when a CYF-approved counsellor encouraged their daughter's relationship.

Jade's parents sought help from Child Youth and Family (CYF), after being referred by police, because they believed their 14-year-old daughter's sexual relationship with the 20-year-old was harmful.

The police case against the man went ahead and CYF suggested counselling for Jade.

But the counsellor told Jade's parents they should celebrate her happiness and said they should "be thrilled" their daughter had found love at such young age.

The counsellor said it was fine even when the 14-year-old was involved in group sex with the 20-year-old and a work colleague of his.

"We felt sure CYF would realise that this was crazy," Jade's father told TVNZ's Close Up programme.

However CYF backed the counsellor and helped Jade move out of her parent's home for a month.

Also covered by Lucia: Statutory Rape not a big deal in NZ

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