Friday, July 20, 2012

Lucia How to stop jaywalking

The authorities are wringing their hands over the numbers of idiots jaywalking in Wellington. For some weird reason, it's turned into this massive cultural practise that doesn't really happen to the same extent in larger cities.

Even on really busy, multi-lane roads, the occasional random pedestrian will dash out and weave their way through cars. I find it incredibly disturbing as a driver, as well as distracting.

So, I propose, just like we have speed cameras to catch drivers going 10K over the speed limit, that problem streets be kept under surveillance and fines be given out to jaywalkers. It doesn't have to be a big fine - something in the range of $10 to $20 - but just something to make people think about whether it's really worth it to jaywalk, or spend the extra time walking to a crossing point and waiting for the green man.

Will be updated with a link soon.

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Marian said...

Although. I don't entirely condone Jaywalking. I'm guilty of it.

Since living in South Auckland I find it can actually be 'safer' when being a pedestrian to jaywalk than using the official Zebra Crossings or traffic light crossings.

Number of times I've had close calls and near misses of being hit by cars who ignore redlights and go through them or around the zebra crossings when you're crossing. Even when cars have already stopped and you nearly get sideswiped by them. Been nearly struck by cars on several occasions. If it wasn't for a quick sidestep or jumping out of the way of cars coming right at me and within hairsbreadth of just about hitting me.

So if you take care when crossing the road while jaywalking it can be a better safer risk, at times than using the official crossings and I hate to admit that. Since I do and try to use the pedestrial crossings when possible, but I've found through my own experiences the chance of being hit are probably more likely than jaywalking.

Lucia Maria said...

Wow, Marian, that's terrible that it's so unsafe for you in South Auckland!

I've had similar experiences in Sydney, once with a guy running a red light, once when a taxi driver just didn't see me and my son when we were crossing at a zebra crossing, at another time at the same crossing I mentioned first, where a courier cyclist ran a red light and weaved through pedestrians and almost hit my baby son in his pram (he just assumed there was an empty space in front of me, as his view was blocked by cars).

Also, where I live now is subject to intense sun strike through certain times of the year, and as a driver, it once gave me a terrible fright when I passed from intense sunlight into shadow, and found a pedestrian right in front of me crossing at a zebra crossing. Luckily I knew the area, and knew there was a crossing there, and had slowed down just in case there was a pedestrian there that I couldn't see, but it still was quite shocking.

So, I understand what you mean. However, Wellington city is something else with regards to jaywalking. You have to experience it to believe it.

Ciaron said...

It would only be fair to also penalise those drivers who choose to turn while people are still making their way across a controlled crossing.

Lucia Maria said...


Yeah, I agree.

Psycho Milt said...

After a year living in Wellington developing the habit of crossing the road regardless of traffic, I moved to Hamburg. Turned out that Jerry drivers operate on the principle that pedestrians present on the roadway in an unauthorised capacity have the choice of leaping for their lives or being squashed like a bug. I didn't do a whole lot of jaywalking there, that's for sure - a similar approach might work for Wellington.

Chris said...

Great Idea, it'll work as soon as all pedestrians wear clearly visible registration plates at all times while near a public road.

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