Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lucia Whale obsessing about priests again

Phew at least he didn't root a woman ~ Whale Oil Beef Hooked

He, if we are talking about the subject of the article in question, didn't root anyone. The priest was involved in a meeting more than twenty years ago with another priest, Father F who cannot be named, who did admit some wrong doing against some boys (how much is not clear) roughly thirty years ago. Presumably what the priest in question heard is not enough to convict Father F, so the media are just making a story out of it instead presumably to keep in the public mind that only Catholic priests molest boys and to discredit the largest Christian body in Australia that is vociferously protesting same-sex marriage.

Whale Oil seems to enjoy posting these sorts of stories and perpetuating the myth that molestation of boys is something that the Catholic Church encourages, which of course, she does not.

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ZenTiger said...

You could add that the courts had already tried to convict Father F, and failed due to lack of convincing evidence.

You could also add that Father F apparently was thrown out of the Church at a later time. However, the Catholic Church does not have the power to take him down to the secular prisons and lock him up there. That is left over to the secular legal system, which couldn't do the job.

Isumbras said...

I find myself heading over to WhaleOil less and less... the constant Catholic bashing taints the majority of often amusing and informative posts. Not to mention the whole Gay Marriage crusade....I don't think Cameron quite understands the whole concept that the church, like her founder, isn't here to 'fit in' with the world. The Jesuits have been giving that a red-hot go since the 50's and look where it has got them.....

ZenTiger said...

Thanks for the comment (Sir?) Isumbras. Hope to see you around here more often.

Lucia Maria said...


I've only just recently been taking notice of him. He got far too disgusting for me at one point and so I deleted him off my sidebar and didn't go back. That was a few years ago, but now I feel I just have to keep an eye on him.

dad4justice said...

Good work Lucia, Whale like big bruv don't like the thought of a loving God, as they're influenced by demonic forces.

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