Friday, July 6, 2012

Lucia Hope for the Hopeless

The story on the front page of the Dominion Post today is horrendous. What an awful, awful life is was that Bridgette lived.

Bridgette Peacock always knew that "narking" on her violent partner wouldn't sit well with some of his fellow gang members.

But after he kicked her unconscious and left her in a gutter, she knew she had to do something - if not for her, then for her kids.

It got to the point where her six children, aged 4 to 15, were so used to the routine violence that "he would be beating me and they wouldn't even flinch, they'd just keep watching TV – it was pretty ugly".

So she decided she had had enough, and in May she gave evidence against partner Michael Kane McRae at a trial in Wellington.

Yesterday, McRae, 31, a Nomads gang member, was sentenced in Wellington District Court to 3½ years' jail on two counts of injuring with intent, and two of assault.


Ms Peacock, 34, a Masterton rest-home carer, said it was for her children that she ultimately decided to help police.

"I want them to be innocent children and have a child's life instead of living with this shit," she told The Dominion Post. "Enough is enough, basically."

Unfortunately, I think it's way too late for her children to grow up innocent. They've already seen too much. The boys have learned from their dad how to treat women and the girls have learned what they will deserve if they annoy their future partners. Changing what they've learned to date will be hard, hard work.

It's not all hopeless of course, there's always divine intervention, and the fact that Bridgette stood up for herself shows something is going on in her life.

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