Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucia Our family won't be buying shares

Kiwis with $1000 or more to spare are being targeted in the Government's first big power company float - with the promise of bonus shares if they hold on to them.

We just don't have thousands of dollars lying around doing nothing. We actually owe quite a bit of money on our mortgage, and it looks like we're going to have to extend it to buy a new car soon, as our 1997 Mitsubishi with 250K on the clock is on it's last wheels.

Now that I think about it however, we do have our super schemes in Australia. If the Government could think of a way of transferring some of our super money over from Aussie, we might actually think about using that to buy shares. Or pay off some of the mortgage - it would be a difficult choice.

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Ciaron said...

You want to get a Toyota next, at 250k, it's finally run in :)

Lucia Maria said...


Are they any good for tall people?

Ciaron said...

No worse that a mitsi...
look, you just can't go past a camry or corona for a roomy family sedan and for a 7 seater an ipsum or wish will give a heck of a lot less trouble than anything else.

They're generally more fuel eficient than comparable models and although they may be a little more expensive, they last longer and are easier to service, for instance I was quoted about $260 to replace the cambelt on my MarkII, when I had my Lancer GSR 8 years ago the quote was around the $800 mark because they virtually had to remove the engine to do the job.

Lucia Maria said...

Been there with the remove the whole engine to get to the cambelt thing with the Mitsubishi! That was expensive!

It's going to be hard to match the type of car my husband likes to buy, with one that can fit a 6'1" teenager in the back (he's possibly still growing at 15).

We'll probably end up getting two cars if hubby's new job comes through.

Ciaron said...

get a 7 seater and take out the middle row...

or get a van?

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, van. Might have to!

DrCP said...

Landcruiser...just do it.
Easier for tall people to get in and out of too.

And I wouldn't buy shares in power companies anyway. They will go turtle when the Alpine fault goes off in the next 20-40 years.


Lucia Maria said...


Tall people in the back seats as well?

The 11 year old hasn't started his major growth spurt yet, but I can imagine he'll eventually be a similar size to his older brother.

DrCP said...

I am 6'5"
Two sons are a 6'3" 17 yr old and a rapidly growing 6' 13yr old (who I fear will eat us all but that's another story) problems for any of us.

They simply don't break down and are cheap to run (tank of diesel lasts me 21/2 weeks at $110 to fill)...


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