Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lucia Time to get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal

Maori claims on water highlight just how ridiculous the claims on the Treaty of Waitangi are becoming. The Principles of the Treaty can mean whatever anyone wants them to mean, and now it's a potential claim on water, which just shows that the whole Treaty process is looking more and more like a complete rort. Most people were likely too polite to say that in the past, but water might be the issue that inflames the population to the point of demanding that claims on the Treaty of Waitangi cease.

When there's money up for grabs, then there's incentive to go for it. Sex abuse claims against the Catholic Church, where it's cheaper to just pay out than investigate or fight the claims show that: Many Abuse Accusations Against Catholic Priests Are 'Entirely False'.

The number of commentators that I've heard on the radio over the last couple of days who have said to just pay the Maori out to make this whole water issue go away, through shares in asset sales or just straight money, just flabbergasts me. How does that discourage future claims of this sort? It doesn't, no, all it says is that you may as well have a go and see if you get anything.

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