Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lucia Maori water claims look to be halting asset sales

I oppose asset sales, but not for this reason.

The Government has been warned it may face legal action if it ignores the Waitangi Tribunal recommendation over water ownership.

But the Prime Minister today would not rule out action on asset sales before the tribunal's final findings.

The Waitangi Tribunal issued the direction yesterday for the Government to halt its asset sales programme at least until the tribunal delivers its full findings on a water rights claim in September.

The tribunal said selling shares in state assets before it delivered its full findings could "cause a significant disadvantage to [Maori] claimants" if their claims were subsequently found to be well-founded.

The Government should do what most governments do when threatened with legal action over something that amounts to arm twisting over a share of the shares - change the law.

This is going to be interesting.

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Prioripete said...

It is security against asset sales and prospective investors would be forced to reconsider. If Maori succeeds in creating a precedent for compensation on water and land rights, the spiral will definitely put a hamper on the price and in turn the consumer rates. And that should sink the viability of Mercury Energy unless other suppliers gang up the monopoly.
It is protectionism the Maori way that has beaten multinational and private corporation monopoly.
Good on ya!

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