Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fletch British Woman Arrested For Carrying Union Jack

This is unbelievable. A pregnant British woman, arrested for carrying the Union Jack - the flag of her own country - because a few Muslims take offence. How many police are there? Four? Five? All to come down and put her in a police van and drive her away. Britain is circling the bowl when the police arrest ordinary patriotic folk at the behest of the followers of an ideology who have declared war on the West.

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Anonymous said...

While it is hard to tell from the video exactly what happened, IF the events are as described, that is the consequence of criminalising offence.

And the easiest offended people are the religious.

Piss christ, anyone?

Or the catholic church's persecution of Sanal Edamaruku simply because he exposed their fraudulent miracle.

And Fletch, I know well your biases, but where in the video were you able to tell it was "because a few Muslims take offence"?

Once again, it is the religion that poisons everything.

Ronbo said...

Britain needs a civil war to take out the Muslims and their Leftist Enablers...Kill them all!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ronald,

Um, no. They would be no better than barbarians if they were to do that.

Psycho Milt said...

Looks like you've got the next Anders Breivik here.

Anonymous said...

Apparently she wasn't arrested, she was just spoken to by officers and second flag saying "No More Mosques" was confiscated (the Union Flag was not).


KG said...

"Looks like you’ve got the next Anders Breivik here"
Looks like you've got the kind of gutless leftard Westerner who will fight for nothing here, and who would hand over the country to any barbarian who chose to take it.

Psycho Milt said...

You and Ronald should put your weapons where your mouths are, KG. Anders did.

Apparently she wasn't arrested, she was just spoken to by officers and second flag saying "No More Mosques" was confiscated (the Union Flag was not).

Ah, so they were just warning her against imagining she had freedom of speech, then? I'm so relieved...

Unknown said...


Your posting with the blasphemous polemic comment....trying to prove the religious are easy to offend.

Let me tell you exactly what happens to someone who hears or reads something like you have posted - that is someone who encounters Christ in their life and indeed loves him in return.

1) That Christ loving person experiences a heart pain. I suppose if someone used derogartory language to describe, with the intention of upsetting you, the characteristics or person of someone you truly loved more than yourself.

2) They accept it as a participation in the humiliation Christ himself experienced in his passion and Catholics will offer it up as a participation in Christ's Redemptive work.

3) For the one who utters or prints it in full knowledge of what they are doing - it has no effect whatsoever on God. As Fr Barron would say what is directed to God strikes on the rock of God's self sufficiency and returns to the one who sent it.

4) In the case of prayer and worship it returns as a blessing. In the case of curse or derogatory words they return to sender.

5) For that reason Dante, when writing his Divine Comedy, wrote of Inferno. Those in Inferno experienced the wrongs they committed for eternity. In which case Christ is not affected by your words but perhaps if this is your heart on the matter may find yourself drowning in your own words as an exquisite experience of ones own waste matter.

5) Indeed, the experience of leaders of Islam continually go around the circle of the lower reaches of the Inferno cleaved in two, only to heal again as they approach the demon who cleaves them again. For the example of violent jihad Dante clearly didn't give them any paradise but rather the eternal experience of their own violence.

6) A personal reflection on Pascal's Wager...or the Biblical words..."only a fool utters in his heart there is no God'.

ZenTiger said...

LRO commented: And the easiest offended people are the religious.

Piss christ, anyone?


LRO - There is no law against being offended - indeed, you seem to spend your life perpetually offended (at least as far as this blog is concerned).

You seem to be conflating the right to speak out against offensive acts, such as the beheading of the British soldier or the crudity-pretending-to-be-art exhibit you refer to as somehow not allowed.

Of course it's allowed. Peaceful protest and all that. It's quite a bit different than actually going out and killing people.

ZenTiger said...

PM, if Anders put his weapon where his mouth was he'd done us all a favour and blown his head off.

"Kill them all" is already in progress. We're killing far too much people with welfare. It's a terrible way to die - in a rent free home with nothing on but Coronation Street and FA Cup finals, whilst eating junk food and having a fag.

It's simply evil what we are doing to the less well off, and they will surely die after many long and drawn out torturous years of living unfilled lives peppered with the occasional visit from a social worker who will help arrange for the carpets to be cleaned and the rubbish removed.

So many people hope that the euthanasia bill will put an end to such suffering in a humane way, but such legislation never works the way it is intended.

JJ said...

I am not offended at LeftRightOut's stupid comment, just feel sorry for him that he is in the dark, and he needs to go and have a good look at himself while there is still time. As for his comment about religion, I can't really see what he means, is carrying the union jack automatically considered religious? To be fair, I can't watch the video so I'm not sure. But Britain has completely lost its way and now seems hellbent on abolishing itself.

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