Monday, March 19, 2007

ZenTiger An Accident Waiting to Happen

Well known NZ investment firm ACC has taken a 25 per cent stake in privately-owned firm NZLSAT which hopes to launch a Russian built satellite into space.

As a government monopoly, they have a statutory obligation to take money from employees and employers and either spend it on novel investment schemes, tv advertising (to get across the idea that government monopolies are a really good thing) or lawyers, trying to either slow down payment rates, take payment money back of the victims, or argue that they shouldn't have to pay compound interest interest just because they took nine years to settle a claim.

In space, no-one can make a claim.

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Waymad said...

Hmm.. Wanting current state-of-art secure comms, on a ZC1 budget. Yeah, that'll happen.

And 'secure' comms on a Russian-built satellite? An oxymoron, shurely.

I always remember the story about a Harris mainframe, housed in a bureau in Lower Hutt in the early '80's, which suffered a little power surge, rebooted - but came up in a US DoD-ready mode. Much to the mystification of its operators.

And that, for the numerate, was (counts on fingers and toes) more than 20 summers ago!

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