Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lucia Why is talkback dominated by right-wingers?

Bomber Bradley, the man who has taken over Tim Selwyn's blog while he's in the slammer, bemoans the fact that the right dominate NZ talkback radio.
With all the talkback stations going for the same right wing listeners, ratings can’t expand – get someone to take the liberal road and try something different – why must talkback be so f****ing right wing?
I can tell you why, Bomber. Most New Zealanders are conservative. Which you interpret as right-wing. They don't like change for the sake of change - not like liberals. Liberals are noisy and give everyone the impression that there are hoardes of them everywhere, waiting to fill talkback radio with their incessant chatter, but the reality is very different. Must be why liberals are so desperate to change things, to create their Utopia on Earth - they find normal people very scary indeed.

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Lewis Holden said...

There was a demographic analysis done by some group a while back (I can't remember who exactly, I think it may have been NZES) which said only around 15% of the "politically active" public ever call talkback radio. That could be the reason.

Lucia Maria said...

Ah, so maybe liberals are wussier? I say this as a person who has only ever called talkback radio twice and emailed a radio host a few times (got my email read out, though, and Linda Clark said she couldn't believe she just read that!).

Lewis Holden said...

Perhaps. I suspect it may have more to do with the channelling affect - i.e. generally listeners and callers are conservative because generally conservatives like to listen to talkback, the old maxim that “if you don’t like it turn it off” applies to the left.

Barnsley Bill said...

Bomber is the biggest blow hard in NZ. His hysterical ranting is pitiful. he only accepts comments from fellow travelers and has ruined what was a fairly good blog until his master got the cabaret gig in the big house.
Talkback is what talkback is. Leighton gets right wing callers, Marcus Lush gets former mental health patients now living in the community and Kerre attracts the feeble minded.
Quite who the artist formerly known as Mike Hoskins will attract is yet to be determined (but thanks to the wonders of this inter web thingy Elton John will be able to listen in).

Redbaiter said...

Radio America (Al Franken and his buddies) in the US was the Liberal's big plan to take the talk back mantle from Rush and the other RWCs. Filed for bankruptcy a few weeks ago. People do not want to hear that clapped out pseudo liberal crap..

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